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About Us

We are a property management company focused on service, reliability, and follow through, to ensure our clients have a successful experience.

Angela M McKee

Owner/Property Manager

Angela has over 8 years experience in the property management industry. She grew up on construction sites with a father who owned his own air conditioning company and an uncle who was a master electrician. 8 years ago, Angela followed in her family’s footsteps and opened a “Property Maintenance” company that specialized in servicing residential property managers. She earned her real estate sales associate license in 2012 and has been doing property management ever since.

Angela joined NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) as soon as she started her career in property management and served on the Board as Education Chair and Affiliate Co-Chair, where she connected with other professionals and vendors in the industry. The impact of mentorship and business relationships she developed from her involvement with NARPM has impacted her skills, diligence and expertise setting her apart from the many in the property management industry.

She has worked with local and foreign owners/investors over the years assisting them on the management of their properties. Commitment * Reliability * Follow Through are the CORE values of One Realty Property Management.

Greg Brady


Greg started in Real Estate as a commercial agent selling business opportunities in 1996 in South Florida. He became a broker in 2005 and switched to residential sales. Although he had some "Retail" customers, he focused mainly on helping investors acquire properties below market value. At one point he found a property for an investor, viewed it, estimated repairs and wrote up the offer. Then literally called the investor and said you're buying a house. The offer was accepted and the investor bought it, renovated it with Greg's recommended vendors and trades and sold it and made $50,000 profit. Greg made $4,500 commission. and decided he was on the wrong side of these transactions. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Greg started where most investors do, wholesaling. Which is simply finding deals with enough "meat on the bone", adding his profit and selling to a landlord or flipper/rehabber. It was around this time he joined his local REIA and benefited greatly from meeting like minded investors. Even though he had been "in the business" for 13 years at that point, he learned things about real estate in the Quick start classes, Master series classes and from speakers at the main monthly meetings.

The natural growth process for an investor is to find private lenders or hard money lenders(more expensive but easier to find) and start to renovate or "Flip" the deals they find instead of wholesaling them. Greg followed that path and continues to flip houses today. He worked for a company that was flipping 6 houses a month as acquisitions manager and sales manager then personally bought, fixed and flipped over 30 houses, using resources and knowledge and lenders, he found through REIA. Once you have acquired funding sources, and good trades, the next challenge as a flipper is to find deals. Wholesalers are one option, as are direct mail campaigns, postcards, cold calling FSBO'S, driving for dollars etc. Another very effective acquisition tool is Tax Deed Auctions.

Greg is the owner/broker for One Realty Corp, and also owns 2 other Brokerages, Broker Referral Network and One Realty Property Management. In 2019, he will be starting up a Commercial Division of One Realty Corp, offering Business Brokerage services as well as Commercial Sales and Leasing.

About Us

We are a property management company focused on service, reliability, and follow through, to ensure our clients have a successful experience.

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